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Over the past few years we don't know how many times we've heard someone say what a good idea it would be to have a GPS emergency beacon.

GPS BeaconsWhen first launched in 2007, these devices introduced many outdoor sports enthusiasts to the concept of emergency satellite messaging devices. But after several years, there still remains a lack of understanding of how these devices work. When we began researching them for our own use, we were struck by the variety of options available and especially by how truly different each of them are, even though they are widely viewed as all fitting into the same category of device.

Before reading further, we encourage you to read our How to Choose a Personal Locator Beacon or Satellite Messenger which explains the different satellite networks and how they interact with the devices we tested.

We start by asking (and answering) three key questions: READ MORE!

DISCLAMER: Product names provided are for informational purposes only and is not an endorsement from the Trails North ATV'ers.