Lets go Riding

arrow Monthly club meetings are held from March to November. During each club meeting, a volunteer will be asked to schedule a club ride that will take place the following month. Club rides are held on the Saturday after a club meeting. Please contact Jim Bender (Club President) for more information.

arrow All club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month and start promptly at 7:00 P.M.

arrow Ride destinations will be finalized after considering weather, trail conditions and members present that morning.

arrow Remember your input as a club member is very important. If you cannot attend meetings, please let your officers or other club members know your concerns so they can be discussed.

arrow Upcoming Club Rides and Events!
From the October 2019 Meeting (Monthly Minutes are here)

TRAIL REPORT: Rod gave the trail report regarding the Federal Contract. They are still waiting on some of the paper work, and to finalize the money portion of the contract. Roger has completed the work on the corridor, and it is also in great shape for the whistle stop this coming weekend. There was work done on the bridge in Iron River to replace some of the rotten boards. Dan Stephans has been working on Trail 22 from hwy 2 to the Hughes town hall road, there is also work being done south on 24. Rod stated that due to the nasty weather for the color ride the only 2 people that showed were Rod & Frank. Rod also stated that this is National fire week so don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, or make sure you have them.

PESIDENT’S REPORT: Jim first of all thanked the crew for the great work being done by the guys that have been working on our trails all season. He then stated that we have received. Thank you cards from Ken Lindstrom, Roger & Ann Knabe, and Laurie Soderland for the cards the club sent out. Bobbi Clark gave the T-Shirt update for Carrie as she was out of town. The order has been placed with Idea Design on Oct 8th. Anticipated arrival should be around Oct 25th. Carrie will be mailing those out of town orders, and contacting those that are local to get the shirts delivered. Those that haven’t been delivered will be at the Nov 13th meeting available for pickup. Any extra shirts will also be available for purchase. Leftover shirts will be available at the spring meetings. Possibly in the spring there will be some new choices to order, if you have any ideas contact Carrie. Jim reminded everyone of the fund raiser coming up this weekend at the VFW for Michele Stewart Johnson, as her home burned to the ground and she lost everything this past spring. It will be held from 2-10pm with a walking taco bar, prizes for Chinese raffle, so please try to stop in and help her to rebuild her life. Jim also received a notice from the Iron River Chamber looking for a monetary contribution for their Afghanistan care packages to help with the mailing expense. If interested contact the Chamber or Jim Bender for details. He also reminded everyone that the Dog Sled races will again take place on Feb 15th at Northern Pines. The chamber is again asking members with ATV/UTV to volunteer for transportation at the races. Time slots are from 9am-2pm.

OLD BUSINESS: Jim first thanked all of those who volunteered at this year’s rally, from those that showed up to do the setup of the tents to the tear down. We are very blessed to have such a great group of members that volunteer at our events that we hold. Dan gave the financial report on the rally. Our profit on this year’s almost doubled what we did last year. Nancy also thanked all those that volunteered at the event, and would also like to thank all of those that attended to event to help make it such a success. Thanks again.

NEW BUSINESS: A date for this year’s Christmas party was on the agenda. It was decided to hold this year’s party on December 11th which is the second Wednesday in December. In the rotating process of where we have our party it would be Deep Lake Lodges turn. If they are unable to accommodate us our next choice will be Hydes Supper Club. Next on the agenda was to decide whether to increase the fees of our membership dues. We now are at $15.00 singles, $20.00 family, $25.00 sponsors. It has been suggested that we raise the family fee to $25.00, and sponsor to $30.00. There was a motion made by Bobbi and seconded by Sherry to increase the rate. A vote was taken and there were 6 no’s and 15 yes. Vote to increase was passed. This will take place in 2020 memberships.