Lets go Riding

arrow Monthly club meetings are held from March to November. During each club meeting, a volunteer will be asked to schedule a club ride that will take place the following month. Club rides are held on the Saturday after a club meeting. Please contact Jim Bender (Club President) for more information.

arrow All club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month and start promptly at 7:00 P.M.

arrow Ride destinations will be finalized after considering weather, trail conditions and members present that morning.

arrow Remember your input as a club member is very important. If you cannot attend meetings, please let your officers or other club members know your concerns so they can be discussed.

arrow Upcoming Club Rides and Events!
From the September 2019 Meeting (Monthly Minutes are here)

TRAIL REPORT: Rod Abbas gave the trail report. Roger has been working on the corridor with the Reclaimer. The trail is rough but it will take time to work the gravel back on the trail from the ditch to get the road level again. Rod leveled gravel on the Muskeg area and the Beaver dam is gone so hopefully that will help on that part of the corridor. Trail 31 going north should be in great shape as that has been graded a few times. Trail 31 going south has brush laying on the trail because the snowmobile alliance has been doing brushing along the trail and still has to go back and clear the brush off the trail before we can grade the trail. It was decided that there would not be a club ride this Saturday and we will have our Fall Color Ride on Oct 5th. Meet at the usual time of 10am at the Auto Parts Store, and the ride will leave at 10:30 am. Rod will head up the ride to where the best colors are.

RESIDENT’S REPORT: Jim Thanked Kevin & Pam for opening their doors for us to have our club meeting there last night. Jim Thanked Nancy for handling the T-shirt & Sweatshirts previously and now stated that Carrie Winningham will be in charge of all future ordering. Carrie will be sending out an email to all members regarding what is available for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing please answer to Carrie. If you have already informed Nancy as to what you would like Carrie has that on her file. Jim also informed the club that he and a few club members attended the County Board meeting on behalf of a couple from Washburn that was trying to have a part of County Hwy C opened for travel from their place into Washburn trail system. The board did approve their request. The board also gave a thank you of appreciation to Trails North for their hard work in the committee. Jim also stated that there is a 900 UTV 2017 for sale, they are asking $10,000 for more information, you can contact Jim Bender, also Rita has her 1000 for sale $8000. Again contact Jim.

OLD BUSINESS: Nancy gave the update on Fall Rally. The Other Place Bar and Grill in Iron River, Wi. is our host for this event. We will be cooking Brats, Hot dogs, & selling Chili, Chips in our food booth. We will hold a 50/50 a Chinese Raffle and there will be music and fun for all. Nancy reported we have several who have volunteered to help out that day. We will set up that morning with the tents & tables outside so meet at 8AM at the storage shed. If you don’t know where that is either call Jim Dulcan or Jim Bender or be at Other Place to help with the set up. We will set up inside around 10:30 am. We have volunteers to help with the cooking and in the food booth, cooks for Brats, & hot dogs, if you are interested in helping for a while all help is appreciated. Help sell inside tickets for the Chinese raffle, any place you can help out would be greatly appreciated. Any amount of time you can donate would help out. This is our big equipment fund raiser of the year along with the ticket sales. Don’t forget you buy your tickets. Please contact Nancy R 715-815-1003 or email tnsec @ cheqnet or Jim B if you can help in anyway. Robert Nye has offered to any club member that goes out to Arizona in the winter that he and his wife would show you around in the desert on UTV if you are interested. He stated that there are many places to rent UTV and that the actually can carry (3) passengers. His contact information is the following. They leave the month of October and are there I believe through May. Robert & Chuckie Nye 715-292-7771 or 715-292-0376 or email nyedevco@msn.com

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