Lets go Riding

arrow Monthly club meetings are held from March to November. During each club meeting, a volunteer will be asked to schedule a club ride that will take place the following month. Club rides are held on the Saturday after a club meeting. Please contact Jim Bender (Club President) for more information.

arrow All club meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month and start promptly at 7:00 P.M.

arrow Ride destinations will be finalized after considering weather, trail conditions and members present that morning.

arrow Remember your input as a club member is very important. If you cannot attend meetings, please let your officers or other club members know your concerns so they can be discussed.

arrow Upcoming Club Rides and Events!
From the April 2019 Meeting (Monthly Minutes are here)

OLD BUSINESS: Jim asked for a chairman to head up the Meet & Greet to be held on Saturday of Memorial Weekend. Jim Dulcan offered to be the chairman for the Meet & Greet. Jeanne is chairman for the Poker run to also be held on Memorial weekend. Volunteers are asked to help distribute posters. We are also asking our sponsors on the poker run to either contribute $25.00 cash or a gift certificate for $10.00, T shirts and $15.00 cash.

NEW BUSINESS: Rod was in charge of the nominating committee this year. As it stands all those that hold office have agreed to continue their service for another year. President is Jim Bender, Vice President is Jeanne Hultman, Secretary is Nancy Reijo, Treasurer is Dan Zak, Rod Abbas is Trail Captain. There was a motion to sponsor the Iron River Fire Department tickets this year as our contribution. The Fire Department is giving away an ATV this year as prize as they are trying to raise money for equipment for the Fire Department. A motion was made by Rod A and seconded by Rick H. Voted on and passed.